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Z 18-08 Z 18-08
DEPOT: rezoning of 15 acres at Airways Middle to EMP zoning. Staff Planner: Jeffrey Penzes
SUP 18-16 SUP 18-16
HICKORY HILL: vehicle sales establishment at 2617 Scottsway. Staff Planner: Marion Jones
SUP 18-15 SUP 18-15
HICKORY HILL: vehicle rental establishment at 2554 Mt. Moriah. Staff Planner: Marion Jones
SUP 18-14 SUP 18-14
MIDTOWN: mixed use development at 663/673 S. Cooper. Staff Planner: Don Jones
SUP 18-13 SUP 18-13
DOWNTOWN: surface parking lot on E side of Main between Peabody Pl and Beale. Staff Planner: Jeffrey Penzes
SUP 18-12 SUP 18-12
MIDTOWN: 8-unit apt. bldg. at 1368 Monroe. Staff Planner: Jeffrey Penzes
PD 18-27 PD 18-27
CORDOVA: two-lot residential development on S side of Thor at Belfiore. Staff Planner: Staci Tillman
PD 18-26 PD 18-26
GETWELL: expansion of existing gas station at SE corner of Getwell and Kimball onto adjacent residential lot. Staff Planner: Don Jones
PD 18-25 PD 18-25
BUNTYN: six-lot residential development on W side of Goodwyn, N of Goodwyn Cove. Staff Planner: Don Jones
PD 18-24 PD 18-24
EAST MPHS: office uses at existing home at 811 E Suggs. Staff Planner: Marion Jones
PD 14-303 (CORRES) PD 14-303 (CORRES)
HILLSHIRE: auto vending fulfillment center on S side of Appling Farms between Whitten and Appling. Staff Planner: Staci Tillman
PD 13-313 PD 13-313
CORDOVA: four-story hotel on E side of Market Farms, S of Ikea Way. Staff Planner: Staci Tillman
PD 88-347 (CORRES): PD 88-347 (CORRES):
MUD IS: relocation of property lines and bldg. setbacks at 774 and 778 River Park. Staff Planner: Don Jones
S 18-24 S 18-24
VICTORIAN VILL: two-lot major residential subdivision on S side of Adams between Neely and Orleans. Staff Planner: Staci Tillman
S 18-23 S 18-23
EAST MPHS: five-lot major residential subdivision at 4535 Kingsbrook. Staff Planner: Marion Jones
S 18-22 S 18-22
WHITEHAVEN: two-lot major industrial subdivision at 3310 Commercial Parkway. Staff Planner: Jeffrey Penzes