Memphis Landmarks Commission


  • Commission: 4:00 PM on the fourth Thursday of the month.
  • City Council Chambers, 125 N. Main St., Memphis TN 38103
  • Design Review Meeting: 8:30 AM on the first Thursday of the month.
  • Conference Room A, 4th Floor, 125 N. Main St., Memphis TN 38103
* November and December meetings are held on the third Thursday. Please see the Application Deadlines calendar for more information.
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You can view Landmarks Commission meetings on the Memphis City Council website (go to Upcoming Events for the current meeting to watch live or go to the Archived Videos at the bottom and to the blue "Landmarks Commission" tab in the middle of the page to watch previous meeting recordings).


Brett Ragsdale, Executive Secretary
Brian Bacchus
Ayse Tezel 
(901) 636-6619
125 N. Main Street, Suite 468


The Landmarks Commission is made up of nine individuals, appointed by the Mayor of the City of Memphis and confirmed by the Memphis City Council.  The current members are as follows (click on their name to send an email): Joyce Cox (Chair), Joy Doss, Alison England, Felecia BoydRobert Norcross, Neil Prosser, Cyndy Tucker, Peter Warren, and Andre Wharton.

Application Deadlines

Click here to download the 2019 Application Deadlines and upcoming Commission meetings.

Application Forms

Certificate of Appropriateness

If a property owner within a historic district seeks a building permit for exterior work, the owner must receive a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) from MLC. To obtain the COA, the property owner must submit a COA Application Form, a COA Application Certification Form, site plans, measured drawings of elevations, and floor plans to MLC by the appropriate application deadline.

Click here for an application for a Certificate of Appropriateness for exterior improvements to properties within the historic districts.

Here is the fee schedule for COA applications to the Memphis Landmarks Commission.

Other Application Forms

Click here for an application for a new historic district.
Click here for a request for an economic hardship hearing.


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View the Commission's Bylaws.


The Memphis Landmarks Commission (MLC) was created by Ordinance No. 2276, passed by the Memphis City Council on July 15, 1975 (now codified as Chapter 14-24 of the Memphis Code of Ordinances). The MLC is responsible for preserving and protecting the historic, architectural and cultural landmarks in the City of Memphis. As such, the MLC reviews zoning requests and work that is visible from the street, including new construction, demolition, relocation of structures, and different types of exterior alterations in the historic districts. Originally staffed by the City of Memphis Division of Housing and Community Development, the Office of Planning and Development has provided staff support to the Commission since 1996.

Maps of Districts

Pending Applications

Click here to view the pending Certificates of Appropriateness with the Landmarks Commission. Please be advised that within a few days of each month's application deadline (see application deadline link above), the requests for Major Certificates of Appropriateness will be posted on this page. Additional applications that meet the minor-to-major conversion deadline will then be posted (these dates are also included on the application deadline link above). About a week before the Landmarks Commission meets, the agenda will be posted on this page and those requests for Minor Certificates of Appropriateness that have been approved by staff will be hyperlinked in the agenda and placed on the "Staff Reports" section below.

Staff Reports

Click here to view the most recent staff reports published for the Landmarks Commission.

Design Guidelines and Boundaries

At present, there are sixteen historic preservation districts administered by the Memphis Landmarks Commission. Click below to view maps of the individual districts. The individuals listed below as neighborhood contacts have volunteered to serve as liaisons for potential applications to be filed with the Landmarks Commission within their respective districts. Applicants are encouraged to contact them before filing with the Commission. View a map of all of the districts (Landmarks Districts are indicated by green outlines). This form contains the approval dates and ordinance numbers for each district.

Preservation Plan

Download the Memphis Historic Preservation Plan, approved by the Memphis City Council in 1997.