County Mayor's Fight Blight Team

Shelby County Mayor Mark H. Luttrell, Jr.

 A message from Shelby County Mayor Mark H. Luttrell, Jr. about the 

County Mayor’s Fight Blight Team

April 10, 2017

Shelby County Government and other municipalities spend tens of thousands of dollars each month to address roadside litter. In response to that, the County Mayor 's Fight Blight Team will be working in some of the hardest hit communities this summer.

We are hiring 100 young adults to work in key areas of Shelby County where litter is a constant problem. Supervisors will also be hired to oversee the team members. If vacancies occur, they will be filled from the applicant pool.

Quick Facts about the County Mayor’s Fight Blight Team: 

  • June 5th – July 28th, 8 a.m. – 2 p.m., Monday through Friday
  • Youth, 14-24 years-old, $9 per hour
  • Supervisors,  21-years-old (minimum), $12 per hour
  • Lunch and work team supplies will be provided

Worksite Locations By ZIP CODE

  1. South Memphis and the Soulsville and LeMoyne-Owen College areas (38106 and 38126)
  2. Frayser (38127)
  3. Uptown (38105) and Downtown (38103)
  4. Highland Heights (38122), Mitchell Heights (38112), Douglas, (38122) Orange Mound, Cherokee Heights, Southwall (38114), University of Memphis District Area, (38112 and 38111)  
  5. Klondike and Smokey City (38107 and 38108)
  6. Raleigh and nearby neighborhoods (38128)
  7. Southeast Memphis and Shelby County including Burlington, Riverdale, Hacks Cross corridors (38115, 38125, 38141)
  8. Northaven (38127)
  9. Barret’s Chapel, Godwin Subdivision (38002)
  10. Northwood Hills, Royal Oaks (38218), Waverly Farms (38053), Forest Hill Irene area (38141)
The kickoff event is June 5th at the Benjamin Hooks Library at 3030 Poplar Avenue, from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. with lunch provided.  Attendance at the kickoff is mandatory for blight team workers and supervisors.

Thank you for your willingness to be part of this effort to help beautify Shelby County.  Applications are only taken on line.   See the convenient links below.


County Mayor Luttrell Signature

Mark H. Luttrell, Jr.

Last day to submit applications is April 21, 2017.