County Commission Ad Hoc Committee(s)

County Commission Ad Hoc Committees

The Commissioner's Permanent Rules of Order permits the Commission Chairman to create Ad Hoc Committees as needed. With each committee, the chairman appoints members and officers to serve collectively in an effort to achieve the mission of the special committee.

Joint Delinquent Tax and Blighted Property Ad Hoc

MISSION: to identify alternative measures to substantially reduce financial maintenance of efforts on blighted properties managed by Shelby County Government and the City of Memphis.

Joint Shelby County and Memphis City Delinquent Tax and Blighted Property Ad Hoc Committee Membership:
Commissioner Eddie Jones, Chair
Councilwoman Wanda Halbert, Co-Chairman
Commissioner Reginald Milton
Commissioner Willie Brooks
Commissioner George Chism
Commissioner Heidi Shafer
City Councilman Edmund Ford
Mr. Tom Needham, Public Works Director
Mr. Darnell Cobbins, Trustee’s Representative
Ms. Dawn Kinnard, Land Bank Administrator
Mr. Reid Dulberger, Executive Director of EDGE
Ms. Patrice Thomas, Deputy Director Memphis Code Enforcement