Our Mission, Vision & Purpose

Mission Statement:

The Division of Corrections provides a safe and secure prison environment, effective programming services for the inmate population to enhance community safety.  The Division provides a model
organization of well-trained, public safety professional, volunteers and partnerships contributing to our community's well-being through preparation of offenders for successful re-entry into society.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to align employees intellectually and efficiently while providing a safe and secure facility.  We strive to remodel the minds of offenders through rehabilitative programs that build pathways for successful re-entry into the community while utilizing the best correctional practices in the industry.


"Safe facilities, effective programming which enhances community safety"
We encourage the rehabilitative process through a variety of programs that provide opportunities for a more productive life upon release. We are responsive to the needs of stakeholders requiring our services, including elected officials, internal customers, and citizens of Shelby County. We strive to accomplish our purpose and goals through the development of well-trained staff, guided by competent and capable leaders.

Purpose & Responsibilities

Our primary goal as an institution is to rehabilitate those incarcerated. Our strategy here at the Division of Corrections is to provide a learning atmosphere where teaching clients life skills will provide them with essential tools needed to prevent them from being repeatedly incarcerated upon release. Skills we teach include:
  • Continuing education and exploring talents
  • Financial planning
  • How to make decisions
  • Setting goals
  • Spiritual growth
We, as an institution, believe volunteerism is a manifestation of social responsibility to help meet the needs of members of the society who are making inadequate adjustment or an attempt to resolve social problems. The most frequently involved institution has been the church.

Our Vision

We will be a team of correctional professionals employing best practices to become a state-of-the-art operation that engages inmates in constructive endeavors for the well-being and the betterment of the community.