Obtaining Court Records FAQs

What types of records can I acquire from Circuit Court’s File Room department?

You can get regular or certified copies of Divorce Decrees, Child Support Orders, or other documents pertaining to cases filed in Circuit Court.

What information do I need to obtain a copy of my Court records?

For requests made in person at Circuit Court’s Fileroom or by mail, you should provide a Case ID (docket number) of the case, and/or the names of both parties and the approximate date the case ended. This information will help the File Room locate your documents.

What is the cost of obtaining copies or certified copies of Court documents?

  • Certified copies - $5.00 for Certification plus $0.50 copy fee per page.
  • Non-certified copies are $0.50 per page.
  • For more information, call our File Room at (901) 222-3810

Can I get a copy of Court records by mail?

Yes. First you should call the File Room at (901) 222-3810 to determine the number of pages and the total cost of your requested documents. You can then mail your request, including an envelope with your address and check or money order to:

Circuit Court

140 Adams Avenue, Room B-47
Memphis, TN 38103-2099

Your records will be returned to you via US Postal Service.

Can I obtain a copy of a Divorce Decree through Shelby County Circuit Court if I was divorced in another state?

No. You must contact the State/County which granted the divorce.

Garnishments FAQs

When can I issue a garnishment to collect on the Judgment granted?

30 days after Judgment is awarded.

What is the cost of issuing a garnishment and will I be refunded this amount?

$49.00 per garnishment/levy. If funds are collected you will be reimbursed any prepaid cost.

How many garnishments may I issue at one time?

Garnishments may be issued to unlimited locations.

When can I re-issue garnishments?

There is a 30-180 day waiting period after previous issuance of garnishment (pending status of garnishment).

What can I file to stay or stop a garnishment?

A motion for installment payments stays the garnishment until the motion is set for a Court hearing and ruled upon.

What if I don't owe the judgment and a garnishment has been issued?

File a Motion to quash garnishment, if you object to the garnishment. The motion is set for a Court hearing and ruled upon. A stay is not given when this motion is filed.

How many days does the garnishee have to answer?

It is best to allow 30 days.

What can I do if the garnishment is not answered?

A Motion for Conditional Judgment against the garnishee may be filed (forms not available).