Office of Early Childhood & Youth

  1. Keisha Walker


  2. Phone: (901) 222-3990

    Monday - Friday
    8:00 am - 4:30 pm

What we do...

The Shelby County Office of Early Childhood & Youth coordinates programs, advises policymakers, and promotes community understanding that all children deserve to be healthy, safe, and nurtured.

  • As an Office that doesn’t provide any direct services, we demonstrate Shelby County Government’s commitment to children and families and attract dollars from outside the community for strategic placement of those dollars.
  • We align funding received with the strategies outlined in the Memphis Fast Forward’s People First! Human Capital Development Plan, a plan adopted by Mayors Mark H. Luttrell and A C Wharton.
  • We advocate for, coordinate, and work to ensure the quality, accountability, and success of informal and formal resources for all children and their families most in need.