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Shelby County Grants Policies and Procedures

Shelby County Grants Office Policy and Procedure Manual - Version 3.0 - Released 10.11.16
SCGO Policy and Procedures Acknowledgment Form - Version 2

Shelby County Grant Forms

Grant Fund Number Request Form (Submit in Liquid Office)
Grant Contract and Encumbrance Information Sheet (Submit in Liquid Office)
Grant Fact Sheet (Submit with Resolution in SIRE)
Technical Assistance Form (Need Grant Assistance?)
Title VI and Equal Services Provider Self-Survey Form (Complete for All Grant Awards)
Personnel Certification Form (Complete for All Grant Funded Staff)
Grant Funded Personnel Time Sheets (Use for All Grant Funded Staff Not Paid through Liquid Office/GEMS and All Grant Funded Staff Whose Duties Involve More than One Grant Project)

FFATA Guidelines
FFATA Subaward Reporting Form
FFATA Legal Opinion
FFATA Letter to Shelby County Grant Staff
FFATA Reporting Criteria

Templates to Demonstrate Proper Formatting
Sample Grant Resolution with Instructions (12.06.12 Webinar)
Sample Resolution Summary Sheet (12.06.12 Webinar)
Resolution Summary Sheet Instructions (12.06.12 Webinar)

Risk-Based Compliance Tools

SCG Subgrantee Evaluation for Internal Controls
SCG Risk-Based Assessment

Title VI Complaint Policy and Forms

All Shelby County Government grant management/coordination staff must complete Title VI training at the start of employment and annually thereafter. A Title VI Certificate of Compliance shall be on file and accessible upon request for all Shelby County Government grant project staff members.

All Shelby County Government departments who manage or coordinate grants must complete a Shelby County Title VI and Equal Services Provider Self-Survey for each grant project to be placed on file and accessible by auditors/monitors upon request. After completion, all self-survey forms are to be signed, scanned, and emailed to

SCG Title VI Complaint Form
SCG Title VI Complaint Log