Prescription Drug

If you enroll in CIGNA OAP In Network (OAPIN/HMO), Medco/Express Scripts will be your pharmacy provider and will mail your prescription ID card. You can visit or contact Medco/Express Scripts Member Services at 1-800-711-0917 (Medco merged with Express Scripts.) If you enroll in the CIGNA CHOICE FUND HRA OR CIGNA STANDARD HRA, CIGNA Pharmacy will be your pharmacy provider for medical and prescription drug. You can visit or contact CIGNA Member Services at 1-800-558-7453 for more plan information.

Mail Order (90 Day Supply) Maintenance Medications: Mandatory mail order for maintenance medications was effective October 1, 2011 for OAPIN In-network (OAPIN/HMO) plan. The mail order copay applies on 4th retail fill if employee does not switch to Medco Pharmacy mail order and you will receive a 30 day supply, not a 90 day supply. Please contact your physician to have your maintenance medication switched to the Medco Pharmacy.

Medco Health has added several 90 day pharmacies to its retail network. Employees may purchase a 90 day supply of maintenance medication from Sam's, Walmart and Publix pharmacies. Click on 90 day Prescription Retail Pharmacies below for a complete list of pharmacies.