Qualified Vendors

How to Become a Qualified Vendor

Organizations that would like to do business with Shelby County will be required to apply for an approved vendor number through the online vendor registration process and an Equal Opportunity Compliance (EOC) number through the Contract Compliance Program. You must access these documents online, complete all of the required information, and submit your request electronically for the vendor number and via US mail or fax for the EOC number.

Note: Please make sure that you access, print, and/or read the attached instructional documents prior to completing the applications.

Bidder / Supplier Requirements

Organizations desiring to bid on items needed by the county must make sure they are placed on the county's mailing list by becoming an approved vendor through the vendor registration process outline above.

All bidders must pre-qualify for the Equal Opportunity Compliance (EOC) Contract Compliance Eligibility and be assigned a contract compliance certification number prior to submission of a bid. Failure to obtain the required EOC certification prior to bidding will result in your bid being disqualified and returned to your organization. Qualifications required of the supplier are included in the respective bid specifications.

Awarding Bids

Bids are awarded to the responsive and responsible bidder submitting the best / lowest bid. Factors considered in the award of a bid may include, but are not limited to:
  • Delivery date
  • Freight
  • Price
  • Prompt payment discount
  • Purpose or use
  • Quality
  • The apparent ability to perform
For further information, contact Purchasing at 901-222-2250.