Municipal Solid Waste Regional Board


  • Meets as needed
  • Training Room
    6465 Mullins Station
    Memphis, TN 38134


Each Municipality has it's own Solid Waste Plan which is incorporated into a Regional Plan.
This Board is responsible for preparing Solid Waste Management documents to be submitted
to the State and for making annual updates.


The Board was established by T.C.A. 68-211-813. To learn about the functions and services of the joint Memphis and Shelby County Municipal Solid Waste Regional Board, please contact Andy Ashford at (901) 576-6868.


Members of county and municipal governing bodies, county mayors, municipal mayors, county and municipal officers and department heads may be appointed to the board. Appointments must be approved by the legislative or governing bodies of the respective counties and eligible municipalities within the region. The members of the board shall serve for terms of six (6) years or until their successors are appointed.

County Members are:

Lisa Williams
Charles Wood


there are no vacancies at this time.