Board of Equalization

The Shelby County Board of Equalization will begin accepting 2017 appeals May 1 through June 30, 2017.

Property owners who disagree with their new 2017 Reappraisal values should initiate an Informal Review through Assessor's website at or contact the Assessor's Answer Center at 901-222-7001.  If you disagree with the results of your Informal review, you may file an appeal with the Shelby County Board of Equalization beginning May 1 through June 30, 2017.
1075 Mullins Station Road, Suite C-142
Memphis, Tennessee 38134
(901) 222-7300

Members of the Board of Equalization are:

Floyd Rumage, Chairman
Charles Davis
Lilly White
David Newsom
Glen Bascom
Edward Simmons, Jr.
Shirley Thornton
Howard Golwen
John White

Administrative Director:

Tameaka Stanton-Riley
(901) 222-7305

Authority and Function:

State law established the Board of Equalization to examine, compare and equalize the county property assessments as certified by the Shelby County Assessor and to provide citizens the opportunity to appeal and to have a hearing regarding the assessed value of their property.

Appeals Process:

Appeals of 2017 property assessments may be filed from May 1, 2017 through June 30, 2017. A disputed assessment must usually be appealed to the County Board of Equalization or it becomes final for that year. An appeal may result in the assessment increasing, decreasing or remaining unchanged. Hearings will be scheduled starting in June and based on the volume expected are likely to continue through October. Notice of hearing dates are sent out at least two weeks prior to the scheduled date. Please note that it is generally not practical to reschedule hearings. All documentation to be considered for a hearing must be provided at the hearing. Hearing decisions are made promptly after the hearing and a notice of the decision is mailed which includes explanation of further appeal rights.

If the property owner will be represented by anyone, the appeal must include a written authorization designating the representative and be signed by the owner.

How can I appeal my property value?

You may appeal the Assessor's valuation of your property by timely filing a complete appeal petition with the County Board of Equalization. There is no fee charged for filing an appeal. Forms are available from the Board of Equalization or download by clicking here for Real Property or here for Personal Property. You may file your appeal by one of the following methods:


- Appeals may be filed online at for Real Property or for Personal Property. Online filings must be submitted by midnight of the deadline. The BOE strongly encourages property owners to use the BOE On-Line System to file their appeal. The process is simpler, faster and will generally provide an earlier hearing date. The system permits the taxpayer to upload supporting documentation directly to the BOE’s system.
NOTE: Online E-File website is only functional during appeal season. i.e. May 1st 2017 – June 30th 2017.

In Person

- Appeal forms may be delivered in person, between May1st and the deadline, to the BOE Office. Open 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday.

By Mail

- Appeal forms may be mailed to the BOE Office. Envelopes must be postmarked by midnight of the deadline.

2017 BoE Appeals:

2017 BoE Appeals and hearing information can be found by clicking here for Real Property.

Brochure can be downloaded here

Policies and Procedures